Client: Next Nature Network (Eating in Vitro series)
Rustic In-Vitro
• 2014

Often lab-grown meat is perceived as soulless, something that's artificial and just ‘yuck’. We feel uncomfortable dining on a food that seems so unnatural to us and different from our idea of traditional farming and cooking. With as a result that the acceptation of the, to be honest fantastic, product of 'lab-grown meat', which initiates the possibility to eat meat without the animal suffering, harmful hormones, resistant antibiotics and environmental damages, is lost even before it has become reality.
In response, the concept of Rustic In-Vitro attempts to alter our perception and redirect it to a more positive experience and image of craftsmanship, nature and good food. With a production process that reminds us of fruit, handing from a branch slowly growing and changing in shape, color and taste until its ‘ripe’ to be harvested. Meanwhile its looks and handling reminds us of the traditional dry-cured Spanish sausages. With meat that, as it grows over the course of several months, develops deep, complex flavors that range from black truffle to oak. The longer Rustic In-Vitro is left to ripen, the more character the replicating cells acquire.
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